Cairns Crocs Volunteers

One of the items we struggle with at every event is getting the necessary number of volunteers to perform required duties so that the club can put on fair, safe and fun events.

We have a brand new Volunteering Registration System that will help us manage volunteers and give you all the information you need to know! We ask that volunteers please register below or get in contact. It’s free and great fun!

Members will be expected to volunteer for at least one race of the year. This means that for the race you are rostered on, you need to:

  1. Turn up and carry out your volunteer duty; or
  2. Swap with another member of the club if you really want to race when you are rostered on; or
  3. Drag a friend or family member along to fill your place.

If you love volunteering, we would love for you to come back again and have you at other races as a volunteer.

Thanks for cooperating to keep all our events as fun, safe and fair as possible. For more information about volunteering, please email

Not interested in racing? There are heaps of other ways to get involved:


  • Registration (checking competitors in)
  • Time keeping
  • Technical Officials
  • MC
  • Body marking (writing numbers on buff competitors’ bodies)
  • Course set up and pull down
  • Aid stations (favourite people on race day)
  • Course marshaling (you get to tell people where to go)
  • Water safety (do you have a paddle board or surf ski?)
  • Recovery station

(you might have special skills you would like to offer)

  • IT and website support
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Event organisation
  • Juniors programs
  • Equipment maintenance (we have welding to do, trailers to maintain, tyres to replace etc)