Results – Masters Games Duathlon Yorkeys Knob 2021

Masters Games Yorkeys Knob Duathlon May 2021 results Athlete.Splits.pdf Masters Duathlon Athlete.Splits-Detailed Masters Duathlon Results-Duathlon.Category-All.Events Masters Duathlon Results-Duathlon.Overall-All.Events-By.Gender. Masters Duathlon pdf            

Yorkeys Knob Duathlon 23rd Of May 2021, Great…

The Cairns Crocs Committee 2021 is excited to hold a duathlon  for the Great Barrier Master Games.... Registration is open until Thursday the 20 th of May.........check it out and register on   Duathlon-Sprint…

Results – Lake Eacham 2021

Lake Eacham 2021  results Athlete.Splits.Detailed-Junior+Sprint Results.Triathlon.Overall_All.Events Results.Triathlon.Category All.Events.All.Entries      

Lake Eacham – 28th March 2021

A message from the Cairns Crocs Committee The Cairns Crocs Committee 2021 is excited to hold the First event of this year’s Fresh Water Series,  our very popular and beautiful  Lake Eacham Triathlon. Lake Eacham,…

Results – Yorkeys Duathlon

Yorkeys Duathlon results Results-Category-All.Events-All.Entries Results-Gender-All.Events-Finishers