//2014-2015 Cairns Crocs Membership

2014-2015 Cairns Crocs Membership

STOP: If you are a new Cairns Crocs member then please read about the Tri B4U Buy special on offer for the month of May 2015. Click HERE.

Cairns Crocs membership runs from 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015. This is in line with the Triathlon Australia (TA) membership season.

Cairns Crocs members must be TA members. For your convenience we are using the TA registration portal so you join both at the same time with only one payment required.

Remember, it is mandatory that all Crocs members 18 years and older help out at least once per membership year at an event. You can reserve your spot at an event from the calendar by emailing us or wait to be assigned an event by the committee. You can get someone else (18+ yrs) to take your place.

Fees (before any discounts):
Crocs Adult (18+ yrs): $40, Crocs Junior (5-17 yrs): $20, Crocs Adult Social: $10, Crocs Junior Social: $5, Crocs Family: $90 (max 2 adults).
TA Adult (20+ yrs): $120, TA Junior (12-19 yrs): $60, TA Junior (5-11 yrs): $30, TA Social/Non-competing/Non-training: $5, TA Family: 20% off (max 2 adults).

If you join as a TA Social/Non-competing/Non-training member then you must join as a Crocs Social member and vice versa. Social members can attend all Crocs social activities but they have no TA insurance and can’t attend Crocs sporting activities (races, training, group swims/rides/runs etc). They can race at a sanctioned event if they purchase a TA one day membership. They do not receive the Crocs discount (usually $15 per event).

For Family Membership, please select the Family option, choose the number in your family (max 2 adults) and then supply the details for each member. When you get to the Crocs section, choose the appropriate Crocs membership type for each family member (Adult or Junior). The system doesn’t currently calculate the Crocs Family Membership discount so you will have to pay the full amount requested. Then email the club (admin@) immediately after joining so we can refund the excess (anything over $90, max 2 adults) to your card.

The club has $20,000,000 public liability insurance through our affiliation with Triathlon Queensland.

Please read the TA information on each page; their age categories and rules are different from ours and they have more categories (coach, ITU, Pro etc.). Be aware that after selecting an option it sometimes takes up to 60 seconds for the page to refresh with the update and show the next option so be patient and don’t try to go too fast.

Note: make sure you join “Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club” and not “Club Croc Triathlon Club”.

And finally, click HERE to go to the Triathlon Queensland membership page for more information about the benefits of joining. By joining TA you are automatically joining TQ. From there you can go to the TA registration portal to register for TA and Cairns Crocs membership.

Welcome to the club for 2014-2015.

It takes up to 48 hrs for your Crocs membership details to be updated into our event registration system so don’t try to register for a race on the same day you join since you won’t get your club discount. Please note you will get a TA membership number and a separate Crocs membership number. You will need both when registering for an event.