//Yorkeys Knob Duathlon 26th February, 2023

Yorkeys Knob Duathlon 26th February, 2023

Register nowRegister now The Cairns Crocs Committee 2023 is excited to hold our first multi-sport event of the 2023 race calendar.

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  • Duathlon-Sprint – 5km run/ 20 km bike/ 2.5km run, individual, team or just do one lengthRegister nowRegister now
  • Duathlon-Enticer – 2 km run / 10 km bike/ 1 km run, individual, team or just do one length
  • Duathlon-Junior 1km run/ 5km bike/ 500m run
  • Kids 500m run/ 2.5km ride/ 250m run

This year, for all multisport triathlon events, athletes can chose to register just one leg of each event. For both Sprint and Enticer distances, an athlete can select to participate in all legs of the race, race as a team, or just race in one section such as bike only or run only. This is a great option for those new to triathlon, or those who wish to race in one leg. For those racing in just one leg, such as bike only or run only, a time will be recorded. However, the bike only or run only will not receive a medal.

On the morning of the race the Race Director and Race Referee will do an inspection of the course and manage any risks accordingly. We sincerely hope you all have a great race, lots of fun, support your fellow competitors, respect and thank all the volunteers who have given up their time to allow you to race and we hope you achieve every single one of your racing goals!


Schedule of Events TBC

Event Time Venue
Sign In / Numbering 6.00 – 6.50 Registration Hut
Transition Open/Bike Racking 6.00 – 6.50 Transition (new location)
Transition closes 6.50 (SHARP)
Race Briefing Kids/Juniors 7.00 In front of Timing Hut
Race Start Kids/Juniors 7.10** In front of Timing Hut
Race Briefing Sprint/Enticer 7.20 In front of Timing Hut
Race Start Sprint/Enticer 7.45** In front of Timing Hut
First Finishers (approx.) 8.40
Last Finishers (approx.) 10.00
Presentation 10.15

** Race time may be adjusted on the day depending on numbers and race conditions. Please arrive early and listen out for announcements. Make sure you plan your nutrition and hydration around these race times.

Road Closure

Single-lane of Sims-Esplanade and Evans St, from Janet Street to Rutherford Street.
Closure of Sims Esplanade from Rutherford Street to Kempton Street. Closure of
Kempton Street from Wattle Street to Sims Esplanade.


Registration (to confirm you are racing and get your race number) opens at 6.00am. Please confirm your registration before racking your bike. Proceed to the registration desk and confirm your registration even if you booked online. On registration you will be provided with a timing chip and a race number, which will need to be placed on your leg and arm. Make sure the race chip and number are applied immediately.

Transition set up and Key Times

Transition opens at 6.00am and closes at 6.50am for everyone. Technical officials will be on hand to do a helmet and a visual bike check. Please refer to the schedule of events above for all other times.

Equipment and Racing Gear

Leg Compulsory Optional
Bike Bike, Helmet.

Torso must be covered (bikini or one-piece swimsuit acceptable for female athletes)

Water bottle

 (sun)glasses, towel in transition, bike or running shoes, sunscreen, spare parts/pump
Run Running shoes – all runners must wear shoes.

Torso must be covered (bikini or one-piece swimsuit acceptable for female athletes)

Cap / hat / visor, socks, sunscreen,

spare singlet / t-shirt, water bottle

Bike Check-in

Bike check-in is compulsory for all individuals and at least one team member. Please wear your helmet for the check-in. Immediately prior to bike check-in Triathlon Queensland (TQ) officials will carry out a visual inspection of your helmet. Your helmet therefore must be correctly fastened on your head when you present your bike for check-in. This visual inspection is not a certification of function or safety effectiveness.

TQ officials will visually inspect your bike and no bike will be accepted unless it passes the
inspection. The officials will be checking for: handlebar plugs, tyres in reasonable condition, stripped cables etc. The ends of the handlebars must be plugged – please ensure no bare metal. The bike must have two functional brakes.

Please note that the bike check-in is a safety precaution to monitor basic soundness of your bike and is essentially a visual check on obvious defects. It is not a certification of roadworthiness by TQ or that your bike meets any specific minimum criteria or a guarantee it will not break down during the race.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure the mechanical and safe operation of your bike prior
to and during the race.

Race Briefing TBC

A short briefing will be held before each race. However, competitors should be familiar with
the course and the rules of Triathlon. Please check out our course maps on the homepage. The use of unauthorised equipment such as cell phones, MP3 players, Oakley
Thumps, cameras, video cameras, iPods or other audio listening or communication
devices are an infringement and will cause a penalty by TQ official.

Run Course 1 (please refer to the detailed maps online) TBC
Kids & Juniors:
Kids 500m (2 x 250m loop on the footpath)
Juniors 1K (2 x 500m loops on the footpath)
Enticer & Sprint:
Enticer: 2.5 Km – 1 Lap as per the map through Yorkeys Knob.
Sprint: 5.0 Km – 2 Laps as per the map through Yorkeys Knob

Cycle Course (ALL) (please refer to the detailed maps online)
Kids – 2.5k – 2 laps out and back
Juniors – 5.0k – 4 laps out and back
Enticer – 10k – 1 lap @ 10k (Yorkeys Knob Rd)
Sprint – 20k – 2 laps @ 10k (Yorkeys Knob Rd)

You must put on your helmet before you touch your bike. No drafting, no illegal passing and no littering on the course. All road rules must be obeyed at all times.
Follow police and traffic control directions at all times.

Run Course 2 (please refer to the detailed maps online) TBC
Kids 250m (1x 250m loop on the footpath)
Juniors 500m (1 x 500m loops on the footpath)
Enticer 1.25 k (1 x 1.25k out and back loop on the footpath)
Sprint 2.5k (2 x 1.25k out and back loop on the footpath)

Please ask for medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it.
There will be first aid near the finish line and on stand-by at all times. Any aid given by race
medical personnel on the course is permissible and will NOT lead to disqualification. If,
however, you have any other form of outside assistance you will be disqualified. You
will be withdrawn from the race only if you require transportation or if medical personnel
consider your continued participation presents a danger to the health or welfare of you or
others. Feel free to refer to the full race rules at:

Withdrawals during the Race
If you must withdraw at any stage of the race you (or someone representing you, such
as a relative or friend) MUST report to the recorders at the Finish Line and hand back your
chip so we can ensure you are accounted for and no lost.

A recovery station will be set up near the finish with  water. Please help
yourself  to aid recovery. Note that no food will be provided. We ask that you
make sure to dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. We need to leave the area as we
found it.

Please hang around for presentations, approximately 20 minutes after the last finisher.

Unable to attend on the day: 

If a participant can no longer attend, there will be no refunds, transfers or deferrals available after registration has closed. Transfer to a future event will only be available while registration remains open. If a participant wishes to withdraw from an event, the event organiser must be notified in writing via email to info@cairnscrocs.org.au.


NOTE: Triathlon Australia regulations prevent kids and juniors from receiving placement medals although all juniors and kids race participants will receive a finishing medal upon completion of the course.



Race Maps all TB closer to Race day

Race Maps:
Run 1 and 2 Kids and Juniors

Race Maps:
Bike Course– Adults Sprint & Enticer

Bike Course Kids and Juniors

Run 2 – Adults Sprint & Enticer

Race Precinct and transition