//Yorkeys Knob Tri Du Triple

Yorkeys Knob Tri Du Triple

Yorkey’s Knob Tri Du Triple gives you a choice of Triathlon or Duathlon. There is also a Juniors/Kids triathlon. The race held at the northern end of Sims Esplanade.

  • Duathlon-Sprint – 5km Run / 20km Bike / 2.5km Run
  • Duathlon-Enticer – 2.5km Run / 10km Bike / 1.25km Run
  • Triathlon-Sprint 750m Swim / 20km bike / 5km run
  • Triathlon-Enticer 400m Swim / 10km Bike / 2.5km Run
  • Triathlon Juniors (10 – 12 years) – 200m Swim / 5.4km Ride / 1k Run
  • Triathlon Kids (7 – 9 years) – 100m Swim / 2.7km Ride / 500m Run


Swim Course:

Kids: 100m out and back

Juniors: 200m Out to second buoy and back

Enticer: 300m – 1 Lap Round 3 buoys, turn sharp left at the first buoy Keep the buoys on your left.

Sprint: 750m – 2 Laps, round all 4 buoys, keeping them on your left.

Bike Course Kids/Juniors

Up to Rutherford Street and back, 450m Each Way. Remember to keep left and to pass on the right.

Kids: 3 Laps

Junior: 6 Laps.

Bike Course Adults

Out to Blazing Saddles and back (5k out, 5k back). Remember to keep left and pass on the right. The roads are open, so normal road rules apply.

Enticer:  1 Lap, out and back

Sprint: 2 Laps put and back


Using the footpath along the foreshore, the Kids course is 125m out and 125m back, Juniors course 250m out and 250m back.

The Enticer and Sprint course is 625m up and 625m back. Remember to keep left and run in single file unless passing. The finish is to the eft on the last lap. There is an aid station, approx. 200m after transition, available for both directions.

Kids: 500m – Out and back, 250m each way

Junior: 1km – 2 Laps, Out and back twice.

Enticer: 2.5Km – 2 Laps, out and back twice.

Sprint: 5km – 4 Laps, out and back 4 times.



Run Course 1 (please refer to the detailed maps above) 

Kids: 500m – 2 Laps Out and back twice, 125m each way

Junior: 1km – 2 Laps, Out and back twice, 250m each way.

Junior: 1km – 2 Laps, Out and back twice.

Sprint: 5km – 4 Laps, out and back 4 times.

Cycle Course (please refer to the detailed maps online)

Kids – 2.7k – 3 laps out and back (Kids/Junior turnaround @ Rutherford St)

Juniors – 5.4k – 6 laps out and back (Kids/Junior turnaround @ Rutherford St)

Enticer – 10k – 1 lap @ 10k (Yorkeys Knob Rd)

Sprint – 20k – 2 laps @ 10k (Yorkeys Knob Rd)

You must put on your helmet before you touch your bike. No drafting, no illegal passing and no littering on the course. All road rules must be obeyed at all times.

Follow police and traffic control directions at all times.

Run Course

As Above.

Kids: 250m – Out and back, 125m each way

Junior: 1km – 2 Laps, Out and back twice.

Junior: 1km – 2 Laps, Out and back twice.

Sprint: 5km – 4 Laps, out and back 4 times.

Race Precinct and Finish:


The Race Director will assess the course and conditions on the day, however if there is inclement weather, and the Bike course is deemed unsafe, the event will change to an Aquathlon.

Enticer: 350m Swim, 2.5Km Run

Sprint: 750m Swim, 5km Run

If the swim course is judged to be unsafe, the event will become a Duathlon only.

Kids: 500m Run, 2.7k Ride, 250m Run

Juniors: 1km Run, 5.4k Ride, 500m Run

Enticer: 2.5km Run, 10km Bike, 1.25Km Run

Sprint: 5.0 km Run, 20Km Bike, 2.5 km Run


Please ask for medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it. In the swim leg pleas put up your hand to attract attention. There will be first aid near the finish line and on stand-by at all times. Any aid given by race medical personnel on the course is permissible and will NOT lead to disqualification. If, however, you have any other form of outside assistance you will be disqualified. You will be withdrawn from the race only if you require transportation or if medical personnel consider your continued participation presents a danger to the health or welfare of you or others.


Withdrawals during the Race

If you must withdraw at any stage of the race you (or someone representing you, such as a relative or friend) MUST report to the recorders at the Finish Line and hand back your chip so we can ensure you are accounted for and not lost.


A recovery station will be set up near the finish with fruit, snacks and water. Please help yourself and make sure you get some sugar back into your system to aid recovery. Please make sure you dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. We need to leave the area as we found it.


Please hang around for presentations. Have a coffee while we tally the scores.