//Lake Eacham Triathlon – Fresh Water Series

Lake Eacham Triathlon – Fresh Water Series

This is our very popular and beautiful Lake Eacham Triathlon. Lake Eacham, is part of the Crater Lakes National Park and is situated in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Lake Eacham is a maar (a crater lake formed by volcanic explosions) surrounded by rainforest.

  • Triathlon-Sprint 750m swim/ 20km bike/ 6km run
  • Triathlon-Enticer 400m swim/10km bike/3km run
  • Aquathlon – 500m Run / 200m Swim / 1.5km Run

Road Closures

From Cairns, turn left off the Gillies Hwy at the Gillies Roadhouse, continue for about 3k until Lake Drive, turn left again. Follow Lake drive until you see the Event Parking signs. There are about 20-30 spots on McLeish Rd opposite the Ranger building and heaps at the Tourist Park. Either ride your bike to the Event Site or catch the free shuttle bus. No Parking at Lake Eacham, or on the access road to Lake Eacham!

Swim Courses

Junior – 200m – 1 Lap       

Enticer – 400m – 1 lap

Sprint – 750m – 1 lap

In-water swim start, competitors will be called in categories.

Swim caps are compulsory and will be provided with the number at the registration. You must follow the swim buoys precisely – any short cuts will lead to disqualification.

Competitors will be advised of wetsuit ruling at check-in – it will be most likely an optional wetsuit swim. Follow all directions of water safety officials.

Cycle Course

Entire course in rainforest (very well shaded), we recommend clear eye-protection as tinted sunnies might obstruct the vision. Watch the speed bumps! There are several on the course.

Enticer – 10k – 2 laps @ 5k (turnaround @ 2.5k see yellow dots on map below)

Sprint – 20k – 4 laps @ 5k (turnaround @ 2.5k see yellow dots on map below)

Enticer/Sprint Bike Course

You must put on your helmet before you touch your bike. No drafting, no illegal passing and no littering on the course. All road rules must be obeyed at all times. Follow police and traffic control directions at all times.

Run Course

Entire course in rainforest (very well shaded), we recommend clear eye-protection as tinted sunnies might obstruct the vision. Use aid-stations as required to keep hydrated. Warning: it can be dangerous to your health if you continue racing whilst dehydrated and/or overheated.

Junior – Run 1 – 500m – Out and Back – 1 Lap

Run 2 – 1.5Km Out and Back – 3 Laps

Enticer – 3k – 1 lap around lake

Sprint – 6k – 2 laps around lake


Please ask for medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it. In the swim leg pleas put up your hand to attract attention. There will be first aid near the finish line and on stand-by at all times. Any aid given by race medical personnel on the course is permissible and will NOT lead to disqualification. If, however, you have any other form of outside assistance you will be disqualified. You will be withdrawn from the race only if you require transportation or if medical personnel consider your continued participation presents a danger to the health or welfare of you or others.

Feel free to refer to the full race rules

Withdrawals during the Race

 If you have to withdraw at any stage of the race you (or someone representing you, such as a relative or friend) MUST report to the recorders at the Finish Line and hand back your chip so we can ensure you are accounted for and not lost.


A recovery station will be set up near the finish with fruit, snacks and water. Please help yourself and make sure you get some sugar back into your system to aid recovery. Please make sure you dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. We have to make a booking with National Parks to use the area and we need to leave it as we found it.

 Presentations, Coffee

 Please hang around for presentations. Have a coffee while we tally the scores.