//Athlete Guide – Paradise Palms Mini Aquathon and Season Opener 28 January 2018

Athlete Guide – Paradise Palms Mini Aquathon and Season Opener 28 January 2018

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Welcome to the first event for 2018. This year we are running a Mini Aquathon relay event, designed to be fun and quick, before a buffet breakfast at Paradise Palms Restaurant.

This event will not be timed, as the primary goal of the event is to meet other club members, and have a fun start to the year!

The event is being held at Paradise Palms Golf Club and Resort, Paradise Palms Dr, Kewarra Beach QLD 4879.

On the morning of the race the Race Director will do an inspection of the course and manage any risks accordingly. We sincerely hope you all have a great race, lots of fun, support your fellow competitors, respect and thank all the volunteers who have given up their time to allow you to race and we hope you have fun!!!!

The Cairns Crocs Committee


There is ample parking available at the event, turn left after you enter Paradise Palms for parking, please don’t park in the members car park.

What to Bring

  • Running Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming Attire
  • Swimming Goggles
  • Running Attire

(Torso must be covered – Bikini or one-piece swim suit is acceptable for Females)
(Shoes must be worn during the runs)

  • Hat
  • A desire to have fun!!!
  • Hydration and Nutrition (For Pre and Post Race)
  • Change of clothes for the after-race breakfast (Casual Attire)
  • Time Line

6.00 am – Set up, Done By 6.30am

6.30 am – Registration and Check in (Issue Wrist bands/Breakfast Vouchers)

7.00 am – Briefing (Marshalls to positions)

7.15 am ** – Kids Start

  • 500m Run (2 Laps)
  • 75m Swim (3 Laps)
  • 250m Run (1 Lap)

8.00 am ** – Adults Start (After the Kids Finish)

  • 1km Run (2 Laps)
  • 150m Swim (7 Laps)
  • 500m Run (1 Lap)

9.00 am – Approximate Finish Time (Change Rooms at the pool)

9.15 – Pack Up

9.30 – Breakfast and welcome

** Race time may be adjusted on the day depending on numbers and race conditions. Please arrive early and listen out for announcements. Make sure you plan your nutrition and hydration around these race times.

Registration:(to confirm you are racing and get your race number) opens at 6.30am.

Please confirm your registration so you can receive your wrist band and Breakfast Voucher.

There will be a random draw for each of the Adults and Junior events. Depending on numbers, teams will be selected, and your team number will be written on your wrist band. Your wrist band also entitles you to the Breakfast Buffett after the event.



Run 1 (500m):    2 Laps out and back.

Swim (75m):       3 Laps of the pool around the buoys

Run 2 (250m):    1 Lap out and back


Run 1 (1km):      2 Laps out and Back

Swim (150m):    7 Laps of the pool around the buoys

Run 2 (500m):    1 Lap out and back.

There will marshals around the course to direct you


There will be water available in the Finish/Recovery area.

Change rooms are available in the pool once you’re done.


A buffet style breakfast on the deck at the Paradise Palms restaurant, with a short welcome speech and summary of the year to come.

Remember, this is a fun event, not a race, so bring your best smile, and have a great morning.