Join us 19th November for our Annual Bicycle Centre Cairns Tri De Femme!! This event will also be our final event of the year and will roll into the club AGM and Xmas Party!! The Bicycle Centre Cairns Tri de Femme will headline and kick off the day and will consist of: 3 laps (150m) swim in the pool; 2 laps (5km) on the bike; 2 laps (1km) run around the oval to the finish. The Junior triathlon will run in between these events 1 laps (50m) swim in the pool; 1 lap (2.5km) on the bike; 1 laps (500m) run around the oval to the finish. The Team Relay Triathlon will consist of 3 randomly selected participants whom will race one at a time and tagging the next teammate…with the team finishing together after all 3 have completed their mini triathlon! 3 laps (150m) swim in the pool; 2 laps (5km) on the bike; 2 lap (1km) run around the oval to the tag point or finish. Proceeds will go to charity. After all races there will be an auction – so stay and bid for some great prizes. A fun day for everyone. COURSE MAPS..

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  How the day will run! 5am: Set Up – PLEASE COME HELP!!! 6.15-6.45am: Tri de Femme and Junior Check-In & late rego 6.45am: Tri de Femme Warm Up 7.00am: Tri de Feme Briefing 7.15am: Tri de Femme Start (wave start) 8.15am: Junior Triathlon 7.15-8.45am: Relay Team Triathlon Check In 8.50am: Team Relay Triathlon Briefing & Random Team Drawing 9.15am: Team Relay Triathlon Start 10.15am: Presentations & Auction 10.30am: Pack Up – PLEASE HELP!!! 12.00noon-2pm: Crocs Annual AGM, End of Year Awards and Xmas Break Up Party – Bluewater Tavern from 11.30am Proceeds will go to charity. After all races there will be an auction – so stay and bid for some great prizes including a 2018 LIV Avail SL1 Disc thanks to Bicycle Centre Cairns, accommodation at Drift Apartments Palm Cove, Thala Beach Resort, and Reef vouchers and many more action prizes from our awesome sponsors for this event. We’ll also have coffee and a BBQ to replenish your energy throughout the morning! Help us raise as much money as possible for National Breast Cancer Foundation by being apart of this great event and by inviting ALL of your friends, family and workmates, and share the love on social media! Its going to be a cracking morning of action… DON’T WAIT TIL THE LAST MINUTE TO REGISTER!!!!!! =D Register now…and please share on social media and invite ALL of your friends!! This year’s AGM will be held at the Bluewater Tavern with some light nibbles and drink on arrival. We will have a re-cap on the year that was, select our new committee for 2018 and have a special presentation to our: – Male & Female Adult Athletes of the Year – Male & Female Junior Athletes of the Year – Boy & Girl Kids of the Year – Volunteer of the Year – Sportsman of the Year – Life Members Presentations – 2017 Coral Coast Legends – And a couple of other special awards Register for the AGM & Presentations - Click Here Bicycle Centre Cairns Tri de Femme is our annual fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and we want to see you all in BRIGHT PINK…..yes, even you boys!! In previous years, this has only been for Females (10yrs and over) and boys (10-13yrs), BUT as Breast Cancer can have a lasting effect on all members of the family, we are now introducing a Relay Team Triathlon event which is open to EVERYONE as well as kids! These are fun events which will warm up the energy for the main event, the Bicycle Centre Cairns Tri De Femme!