Platinum Sponsor (1) copy RESULTS - CLICK HERE CAPTURING CAIRNS PHOTOS - CLICK HERE Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club present to you the Avanti Plus Long Course and Short Course DUATHLON... SATURDAY 7th October (afternoon): 1.30pm: Avanti Plus Long Course: 5.1km run / 74km bike / 16km run 1:45pm: Avanti Plus Short Course: 3km run / 44km bike / 8km run SUNDAY 8th October (morning): A cross country type course. 1.5km with lots of sharp turns, stairs, mixed grass and concrete paths. Race 1.. Kids 1 lap Juniors 1 laps Female Adults 1 lap Male Adults 1 lap
Race 2.. Kids 1 lap Juniors 2 laps Female Adults 3 laps Male Adults 3 laps Total times for both races are then combined to find the winners. Presentations Then a relay team version mixing everyone together evenly and everyone goes through once! If you like this idea...thank the Cairns Cycling Club cause we stole it from them, with their permission of course! See it or race it on the bike this Friday night at the Cairns Velodrome and run it with us this Sunday at Lake Tinaroo!
7.00am: Check In / Rego (FREE EVENT) 7.25am: Briefing 7.30am: Racing begins! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THE DUATHLON AND CLOSES 11.59PM THUR 5TH OCT... We have some strict rules we must adhere to in order to put this event on so please read... SPECIAL REGISTRATION RULES: Long Course: - 18yrs+ - Individual Entries Only - Must be able to average minimum 27km/h - be competent riding on open roads Short Course: - 15yrs+ - 15-17yrs must have a written note from Certified Coach to confirm the athlete is capable of completing the distance and ride on open be emailed to submitted before 3rd October - Individual and Team Entries available - Must be able to ride average minimum of 25km/h - be competent riding on open roads FULL SCHEDULE... Saturday: 10.00am: Set Up 12.00noon: Athlete Check In & Bike Racking 12.50pm: Transition/Check In Closed 1.00pm: Athlete Briefing (all athletes) 1.25pm: Long Course Athletes to Start Line for Counting 1.30pm: Long Course Race Start 1.55pm: Short Course Athletes to Start Line for Counting 2.00pm: Short Course Race Start 7.00pm: BBQ & Beers at Lake Tinaroo Holiday Park 7.30pm: Presentations Around the Camp Fire Sunday: 7.00am: Athlete Check In/Rego (FREE EVENT) 7.20am: Check In/ Rego Closed 7.25am: Athlete Briefing 7.30am: Cross Country Fun Run First Race Start (Kids, Juniors, Adult Women, Adult Men) Athlete Guide - Click Here COURSE MAPS... Run Maps.. Run Course Bike Course Description: Short Course: 44km Long Course: 74km Starting from Transition, 7km bike out and turn right onto Kiari Tolga Rd to start "The Loop". "The Loop" - Left at Barson Rd, Left at Beantree Rd, Left at Lake Tinaroo Falls Dam Rd back to Kiari Tolga Rd. Short Course 2 x 15km "Loops". Long Course 4 x 15km "Loops" (60km). After final loop continue straight at Kiari Tolga Rd / LTFD Rd intersection to head back into Transition. Course is on Open Roads so traffic rules apply to all cyclists at all times. Strict penalties apply. Bike Maps.. Transition road closures To and From The Loop Kiari intersection The loop