//Cairns Wake Park Aquathlon Sunday 29th of January 2023

Cairns Wake Park Aquathlon Sunday 29th of January 2023

A message from the Cairns Crocs Committee

The Cairns Crocs Committee 2023 is excited to holding our first event of the year, a Short Sharp Aquathlon to get you back in the swing at the Cairns Wake park!

On the morning of the race the Race Director and Race Referee will do an inspection of the course and manage any risks accordingly. We sincerely hope you all have a great race, lots of fun, support your fellow competitors, respect and thank all the volunteers who have given up their time to allow you to race and we hope you achieve every single one of your racing goals!

The Cairns Crocs Committee

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Schedule of Events


Event Time Venue
All Events – Arrival and Check-in 6.00  – 6.30 am At the Start
Race Start – Juniors/Rids 6.45 am At the Start
Race Start – Adults (NB: The Adults race will not start till the Kids/Juniors are finished 7.10 am At the Start
Last Finisher 8.00 am
Pack Up 8.30 am

** Race time may be adjusted on the day depending on numbers and race conditions. Please arrive early and listen out for announcements. Make sure you plan your nutrition and hydration around these race times. Remember, the Adults race won’t start until the Juniors are finished.



Registration (to confirm you are racing) opens at 6.00am.

There is no timing for this event, so chips will not be required 

Transition set up and Key Times 

Transition opens at 6.00am and closes at 6.30am. 

Equipment and Racing Gear 

Leg Compulsory Optional
Swim Cap – provided at registration

Swim suit, tri suit, skins or similar

Goggles, drinking water for start/finish of swim, sunscreen
Run Running shoes – all runners must wear shoes

Torso must be covered (bikini or one-piece swimsuit acceptable for female athletes)

Cap / hat / visor, socks, sunscreen, spare singlet / t-shirt, water bottle


Race Briefing 

A short briefing will be held before each race. However, competitors should be familiar with the course. Please check out our course maps on the homepage. 

** RACE MAP **



Kids: 100m Swim – 500m Run

Juniors: 200m Swim – 1Km Run

Seniors: 400m Swim – 2km Run (2 Laps)

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Please ask for medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it. In the swim leg please put up your hand to attract attention. There will be first aid near the finish line and on stand-by at all times.

Withdrawals during the Race 

If you have to withdraw at any stage of the race you (or someone representing you, such as a relative or friend) MUST report to the recorders at the finish Line. 


A recovery station will be set up near the finish with fruit, snacks and water. Please help yourself and make sure you get some sugar back into your system to aid recovery. Please make sure you dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully.





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