//Lake Tinaroo Aquathlon 20th March 2022

Lake Tinaroo Aquathlon 20th March 2022

A message from the Cairns Crocs Committee

The Cairns Crocs Committee 2022 is excited to hold the second event of this year’s
A Short Shard Aquathlon, on the Shores of Tinaroo Dam, Lovely cool water, and a Fairly
flat run will make this a nice easy and fun test of the athletes!
On the morning of the race the Race Director and Race Referee will do an inspection of
the course and manage any risks accordingly. We sincerely hope you all have a great
race, lots of fun, support your fellow competitors, respect and thank all the volunteers who
have given up their time to allow you to race and we hope you achieve every single one of
your racing goals!

Schedule of Events

Event Time Venue
Registration Opens 6.00am Lake Side near Lamb Street
Transition Opens 6.00am Lake Side
Registration Closes 6.50am Lake Side
Kids and Juniors Briefing 6.55am Near Transition
Kids and Juniors Race Start 7.00am Near Transition
Kids and Juniors Last Finisher 7.25am Finish Line
Senior Race Briefing 7.15am Near Registration
Senior Race Start 7.30am Start Line
Last Finisher Approx. 8.45am Finish Line
Relay Random Draw 8.50am Registration
Relay Start 9.00am Lake Side
Relay Finish 9.30am Finish Line

** Race time may be adjusted on the day depending on numbers and race conditions.
Please arrive early and listen out for announcements. Make sure you plan your nutrition
and hydration around these race times. Remember, the adult’s race won’t start until the
Juniors are finished


Format of the Races:

500m Run – 100m Swim – 250m Run
1 Km Run – 200m Swim – 500m Run
1.25 Km Run – 300m Swim – 1.25 Km Run
2.5Km Run – 600m Swim – 2.5 Km Run
5.00 Km Run – 900m Swim – 5.00 Km Run
Team Relay:
3-Person Teams selected by Ransom Draw.
200m Swim – 1 Km Run, Per Team Member





Register Now



Registration (to confirm you are racing and get your race number) opens at 6.00am.
Please confirm your registration before heading to Transition. Proceed to the registration
desk and confirm your registration even if you booked online.
On registration you will be provided with a timing chip and a race number, which will need
to be written on your leg and arm. Make sure your race chip and number are applied
Transition set up and Key Times

Transition opens at 06.00am and closes at 06.50am. Technical officials will be on hand
to assist if required. Please refer to the schedule of events above for all other times.

Equipment and Racing Gear
Swim Leg

Swim Cap – provided at registration
Swimsuit, tri suit, skins or

Goggles, drinking water for start/finish of
swim, sunscreen.

Run Leg


Running shoes – all runners
must wear shoes
Torso must be covered

(bikini or one-piece swimsuit
acceptable for female athletes)

Cap / hat / visor, socks, sunscreen, spare
singlet / t-shirt, water bottle


Directions to Lake Tinaroo

Regulars of Lake Tinaroo Triathlons are familiar with the location of where we conduct the Triathlon and Aquathlon , but for all our new members, below are directions:

Via Gillies Range:

  • Travel up the Gillies Highway
  • Drive through the township of Yungaburra
  • Turn right into Marks Lane
  • Turn right into Tinaroo Falls Dam Road
  • Continue onto Irvine Street
  • Turn left onto Tinaroo Falls Dam Road and continue along until you reach Lake Tinaroo (look out for signage)

Via Kuranda Range:

  • Travel up the Kuranda Range
  • Drive until you reach Tolga
  • Turn left into Main Street
  • Continue onto Kairi Road
  • Turn left onto Tinaroo Falls Dam Road
  • Continue onto Irvine Street
  • Turn Left onto Tinaroo Falls Dam Road and continue along until you reach Lake Tinaroo


Teams….Please only purchase  a ticket for the leg that you will be doing as we do need to  have each individual’s name within a team. Do not purchase the legs under your name for other team members. If you will compete in two leg and you are not a TA member, you will automatically be charged for 2x TA one day insurance but one will be refunded to you


No need to register for the draw team relay happening after the main event…your main event registration applies for this second part of the morning.

TA  Technical officials will be on hand

Don’t forget that registration closes at 10 pm On Thursday the 17th….sorry no late entry or registration on the day

However please be aware that in order for  each   event to proceed, we have a minimum participant level.  If this level is not reached one week before the event cut off date, you will be notified and refunded for any monies paid.  If you have a friend or family member you think would enjoy this event, please let them know about it!

So we would appreciate if you did not leave registration to the last minute so that we can have a right estimation on numbers 🙂

Register Now

See you there 🙂

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