//Creating a New Event

Creating a New Event

Before you create a new event you need to know the following.

  • Event date and registration cut-off
  • Event categories, age groups and prices

Copy previous Event

  1. Open ACTIVE Works
  2. If a repeating event, select the link “copy a past event”
  3. Select “Select the event you want to copy “, type the event name and Search
  4. Select the event and click Next
  5. Enter the event name, date, repeating event, original’s location and Original event’s payment account. Next
  6. Leave the copy settings unchanged. Click Copy events
  7. Click Next
  8. Provide the event a name and Save & Continue

Modify the Event

Event Restrictions

  1. Set a custom date for Age to be 31/12 of the event year.
  2. Ensure Allow multiple selection on registration page is set to No. Otherwise member benefits will not work.
  3. Ensure Allow registrants have the option to pay first and register later during mobile registration under Express registration is NOT checked.
  4. Save & Continue

Event Categories

This section can be time consuming if changes or additions are required.

  1. Go through each category ensuring the following details are update
    • Category restriction for Age needs to be set to 31/12 of the event year
    • Capacity can usually set to Unlimited, unless numbers need to be restricted.
    • Pricing to include TA fees for non-TA members

Self-edit setup

  1. Update the deadline dates for registration changes.

Other Details

  1. If you add additional categories you must update the following sections to include the new category
    • New team categories will require changes to the Self-registration team setup section
    • Form questions relating to membership details may require updating to include the new category
    • Edit the Waiver section to include this new category
  2. Check the ACTIVE.com listing section for any date specific text


  1. Under Tools select Membership benefits
  2. Select Create a membership benefit or edit an existing benefit
  3. Search for “Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club Membership”
  4. Select the correct membership packages. E.g Adults and Juniors
  5. Enter an amount and a name for the discount
  6. Select the correct event categories. For example, TA categories as they will only contain Cairns Crocs members.
  7.  Select Same as registration open period

If doesn’t exists create a 100% discount for life members and select Life Members from the packages.

Activating the Event

  • Preview the registration form to ensure any new or modified categories work as expected
  • Select the date range for activation. For example, a 31/3 race day would end on the 30/3/2019 12:00am

Creating the Website Post

Once activated go the Setup section of the event and click on the link called Your endurance CUI link! copy the address from browser into the clipboard (Ctrl-c). This is the “Register Now” link for the post. For example, https://endurancecui.active.com/new/events/60899654/select-race?_p=9551661214782604