//Club Champion and Age Group Point System

Club Champion and Age Group Point System

The Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club has adopted a point system to calculate our yearly awards for the following age and gender categories.

  1. Junior Male/Female Champion (under 12)
  2. Youth Champion (13-16 year)
  3. Club Champion (17+ years)
  4. Age Group Category Male/Female*

Each category award has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


1. Points are accumulated for the calendar year (CCTC season). The age of the competitor is based on their age at 31st December of the competing year. To be eligible the competitor must be a Cairns Crocs Club member for the entire calendar year.  Triathlon Australia and CCTCs membership is a financial year (June to July).

2. Each race age group category* is allocated 10 points. Team events are excluded.

3. Based on the competitor’s position within their age and gender group the following points are awarded.

1st Place = 10 points
2nd Place = 9 points
3rd Place = 8 points
4th Place = 7 points
5th Place = 6 points
6th Place = 5 points
7th Place = 4 points
8th Place = 3 points
9th Place = 2 points
10th Place = 1 point

4. There are no roll-down of points to club members if a non-eligible competitor receives a place with higher points.

5. The final point allocation is based on a competitor’s top four results from the season (from six events). They must compete in at least two events. They do not need to compete in all events. The maximum score a competitor can receive is 40 points.

6. If two or more competitors are a tie for a place award (club or age category award) then a count back will occur based on the accrual of remaining points for the entire season.  i.e. points are awarded for the competitor’s race five and six (if they exist).  If a tied place cannot be determined from points, then their overall position in the competitor’s race five and six are used.  If this does not achieve a result, then the best overall season position for competitor’s gender is used.

* Age Groups for Male and Female
20-29 Age Group
30-39 Age Group
40-49 Age Group
50-59 Age Group
60-69 Age Group
70-79 Age Group

This point system is similar to the Nissan State Series and Triathlon Australia Age Selection.