//Tri De Femme

Tri De Femme

Our Annual Tri De Femme at Smithfield Pool Cairns

This is our annual fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and we want to see you all in BRIGHT PINK…..yes, even you

We’ll also have coffee and a BBQ to replenish your energy throughout the morning!
Help us raise as much money as possible for National Breast Cancer Foundation by being apart of this great event and by inviting ALL of your friends, family and workmates, and share the love on social media!
Its going to be a cracking morning of action…
The Kids Triathlon is open for kids aged 7-12 and under as of 31st. It will consist of:
1 lap (50m) swim in the pool;
1 lap (2.5km) bike;
1 lap (500m) run around the oval.
The Tri de Femme will headline the day and will consist of:
3 laps (150m) swim in the pool;
2 laps (5km) on the bike;
2 laps (1km) run around the oval to the finish.