//Lake Tinaroo Triathlon – Freshwater Series

Lake Tinaroo Triathlon – Freshwater Series

Lake Tinaroo is the ideal event for beginners or the seasoned competitor that wants to challenge themselves.

Categories include:

  • Triathlon-Sprint 750m swim/ 20km bike/ 5km run
  • Triathlon-Enticer 375m swim/10km bike/2.5km run
  • Triathlon-Junior 200m swim/ 5km bike/ 1km run
  • Kids Aquathlon 1km Run/ 100m Swim/ 500m Run

Directions to Lake Tinaroo

Regulars of Lake Tinaroo Triathlons are familiar with the location of where we conduct the Triathlon, but for all our new members, below are directions:

Via Gillies Range:

  • Travel up the Gillies Highway
  • Drive through the township of Yungaburra
  • Turn right into Marks Lane
  • Turn right into Tinaroo Falls Dam Road
  • Continue onto Irvine Street
  • Turn left onto Tinaroo Falls Dam Road and continue along until you reach Lake Tinaroo (look out for signage)

Via Kuranda Range:

  • Travel up the Kuranda Range
  • Drive until you reach Tolga
  • Turn left into Main Street
  • Continue onto Kairi Road
  • Turn left onto Tinaroo Falls Dam Road
  • Continue onto Irvine Street
  • Turn Left onto Tinaroo Falls Dam Road and continue along until you reach Lake Tinaroo

Road Closures

Tinaroo Falls Dam Road will close at 7.30am for all traffic (except 000, like Police, Ambulance etc.) in both directions until all bikes are off the road.

There will be an ‘escort’ vehicle to guide urgent traffic in and out of the township between 7.30am and approximately 10.00am when the road reopens for all traffic. If the last cyclist is of the course before 10.00am the road will reopen earlier.

Swim Course

The swim course will be started from in the water, approx.. 20m from the exit point.

Aquathlon – 100m – 1 loop (Out and Back)

Junior Triathlon – 200m 2 Loops (Out and back twice)

Enticer – 400m – 1 lap

Sprint – 750m – 2 laps

In Water swim start, competitors will be called in categories. Swim caps are compulsory and will be provided with the number at the registration. You must follow the swim buoys precisely – any short cuts will lead to disqualification. Competitors will be advised of wetsuit ruling at check-in – it will be most likely an optional wetsuit swim. Follow all directions of water safety officials. Please be carful exiting the water, as the ground is a little uneven. Kids and Juniors will be required to walk when exiting the water.

(Complete Course)

(Swim Course Only)

Sprint and Enticer

Cycle Course

 Very hilly course to challenge the legs before the run. Be aware that the escort vehicle might be coming through and always stay to the left side of your lane.

The Junior course will be out and back, 5km, turning before the hills start

Junior – 3 Laps – 5km

Enticer – 10k – 1 lap @ 10k

Sprint – 20k – 2 laps @ 10k

You must put on your helmet before you touch your bike. No drafting, no illegal passing and no littering on the course. All road rules must be obeyed at all times. Follow police and traffic control directions at all times.

Enticer/Sprint Bike Course

Junior Triathlon Course

Run Course

Mostly flat and on hard surface but there is one small hill on each lap. Use aid-stations as required to keep hydrated. Warning: it can be dangerous to your health if you continue Assistance

Aquathlon: Run 1, 250m – 1 Lap, Run 2, 500m 2 Laps

Juniors Run – 1km – 2 Laps

Enticer – 2.5Km – 1 Lap

Sprint – 5km – 2 Laps

Sprint/Enticer Run Course

Junior Course (2 Laps)


Whilst we expect the swim course to be OK, of on the day it is determined that it is not safe for competitors, the race will become a Duathlon for Juniors, Enticer and Sprint.

Juniors: Run 1, 500m (1 Lap), Cycle, 5km (3 Laps) Run 2, 1km (2 Laps)

Enticer: Run 1, 1.25km (Out and back), Cycle 10km (1 Lap), Run 2, 2.5Km (2 Laps)

Sprint: Run 1, 2.5 Km (1 Lap), Cycle 20Km (2 Laps), Run2, 5Km (2 Laps)

The kids event will become a 500m run only.

The start line will move to the Aid Station. Same start times.

Please ask for medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it. In the swim leg pleas put up your hand to attract attention. There will be first aid near the finish line and on stand-by at all times. Any aid given by race medical personnel on the course is permissible and will NOT lead to disqualification. If, however, you have any other form of outside assistance you will be disqualified. You will be withdrawn from the race only if you require transportation or if medical personnel consider your continued participation presents a danger to the health or welfare of you or others.

Feel free to refer to the full race rules at:


Withdrawals during the Race

If you have to withdraw at any stage of the race you (or someone representing you, such as a relative or friend) MUST report to the recorders at the Finish Line and hand back your chip so we can ensure you are accounted for and not lost.


A recovery station will be set up near the finish with fruit, snacks and water. Please help yourself and make sure you get some sugar back into your system to aid recovery. Please make sure you dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. We have to make a booking with National Parks to use the area and we need to leave it as we found it.

Presentations: After the finish approx. 10.45

Please hang around for presentations.